Who We Are: SuperFruit Discovery is the pre-launch engine for a direct sales company fully launching in the first quarter of 2020. Our company consists of entrepreneurs and top-rated influencers within the industry. Be sure to enroll FREE to learn more about us, and tune in to our conference calls to hear directly from our leaders and core team.
Our Products: Upon discovering a “breakthrough” product that could alter one’s health upon consumption, our team developed one of the most groundbreaking products to ever launch inside of the health and wellness industry. Not only is this product superior to others from a health and wellness standpoint, but it is also virtually “undiscovered” from a commercial product development standpoint. Our company will be recognized as the first and only manufacturer and developer of this product and you, as the brand advocate, will benefit from a huge “first movers advantage” that is about to take place.
Earn:  Most compensation models contain “fine print” that make it almost impossible for the majority of people to make a significant income.  We’ve corrected those wrongs and developed the easiest and most lucrative compensation model to date.  It’s finally your turn to benefit from the perfect model, the perfect product…. and perfect timing.